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Testimonial from Tammy Hollowell, Elements Cleaning

We brought Radical Webs in to help update and improve our existing website and we couldn’t be happier with the entire experience and final results.  The designers at Radical Webs bring incredible creativity and talent to the table along with some of the best customer service we have encountered to date.  Every phone call or email received immediate attention and resolution.  We recommend Radical Webs to any business looking for superior web design coupled with an energized staff eager to exceed your highest expectations.

Thank you Radical Webs!

Tammy Hollowell
Elements Cleaning
Miami, Florida

Testimonial from Michael Gordon, Dataveillance

Dataveillance TestimonialPlease allow me to take a few moments of your time to thank you and your staff for an outstanding job on the Dataveillance website. This is the second website Radical Webs has built for me and each time the experience has been pleasant and extremely professional.

One of the things that I share with everyone about your company is the quality customer service. Every time I called Radical Webs the call was answered or someone returned my call within minutes. Never did the simplest of questions fo unanswered or a concern not get resolved. In today’s business world these practices are rare.

Please pass this letter on to Dan and Sean as they are super! Actually, not only did Dan answer a question about my website he took the time to make a video to show me how to do it myself. Again, this reiterates my point of the quality customer service.

Please don’t hesitate to use me or my company as a reference for your business. Again, thank you for your exceptional services.


Michael Gordon

Testimonial from Doug Mathieson, Palm Beach Business Brokers

It has been 9 years that we have been with your company and I would like to express my of thanks Simon for the excellent job you have provided us here at Palm Beach Business Brokers. Your sunny and approachable disposition together with your high level of competence has enabled us to maintain an enviable place in search engine placement. With the result that we get plenty of good quality leads. Once again thanks Simon and keep the Union Jack flying as high as you can in Hollywood.


Douglas Mathieson
Palm Beach Business Brokers
561 251 4860

Testimonial from MGR Plumbing Services

I recently transferred my website to a different web hosting site. What a nightmare! I sought out Radical
Webs (who I highly recommend) to help me. They were able to quickly reconfigure and reinstall the website files correctly, and extract and reconstruct the website database from the raw database files, and then import the data into a fresh database. He saved my company’s website and we are back online again.

Radical Webs is a company who has a staff of professionals who know their craft and know it well. They
are extremely knowledgeable and offer a variety of different services. Seek this company’s advise and
you will be certain to be pleased!

Denise Rubinstein
MGR Services
Hollywood, Florida

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