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You have a website, now you need to get it found on search engines. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the well established process of implementing on site and off site factors to help your website get found by people searching for your products and services.

Radical Webs has been performing search engine optimization for over 10 years, since search engine optimization became something that people even cared about. In this ever changing arena we keep up with the latest and best practices to achieve good ranking.

SEO is a fairly misunderstood process, but it’s less complicated than most people think.

In a nutshell here’s what Google and Bing want.

High quality websites with great content! Why? Well it’s simple if you go to a search engine, do a search, click on one of the results, and find what you were looking for….you’ll be happy.  If you’re happy you’ll most likely use that same search engine again.  Google and Bing make money by selling advertising in many forms through their websites. The more happy, loyal searchers they have, the more money they can make.

With this in mind we have always set out to create great websites with great content. No rocket science there!

Step 1: Content is King

The good news is anyone can be number 1 on a search engine!
You just have create more content and better content than your competitors.

Look at it this way…

  • With no content describing what you do, you have zero chance of being found.
  • If you have content that describes what you do, you have a chance of being found.

Assuming that getting found is important to your business, it’s a no brainer.

OK, now the basics are out of the way lets move on….

If you want to be found for a certain phrase, service product: Write a page or blog post about it.

This is why when we plan a website we aim to create a page for each product or service a company offers. Rather than try to cram too much on to one page which only serves to dilute what that page is about, you focus the content on 1 pages about a particular service or product. These pages will perform better in search engine results, as well as pay per click campaigns and most likely have a higher conversion rate in generating leads.

As the business owner, your goal is to establish yourself as “the” authority in your field of expertise by creating informative and compelling content for your website that your potential customers will find useful and/or interesting. Your participation in the content creation process is crucial to the success of your website and future marketing efforts.

Step #2: Web Page Optimization for Search Engines

Now we have the content sorted out we can move on with the process:

  • Keyword and Competitor Analysis (Establish the most popular phrases, and phrase variations relevant to a clients business – this will also provide you with ideas for additional content for your blog)
  • Page Optimization: To help your pages rank better on search engines like Google and Bing
    • Meta Tags: Unique Title, and Description for each page
    • Content Optimization: Headings, Alt Tags and Internal Linking
  • W3C Compliance and Page Speed Optimization: We fix coding errors and tweak your website to improve page load speeds (a factor Google uses in ranking your site)
  • Webmaster Tools and XML Sitemaps: We set up and configure Google and Bing Webmaster tools and submit your XML sitemaps so that Google and Bing has an up to date list of every page on your website.
  • Ranking Reports: Access to our ranking report system to show you and track our progress.
  • Google Analytics: Set Up goal paths and conversion funnels

Step 3: More Content (See Step 1)

Now that we have the website’s core pages optimized, on ongoing task of adding more content to the website begins.  You may be wondering why you need to create and add even more content.  The answer is, to allow you to get found for a wider variety of search phrases, which brings more visitors, and gives you more opportunities to get leads.

Step 4: Building Incoming Links

Another reason for adding high quality content to your website is that is helps you get incoming links, which are an important factor in your website ranking well.

Link building is a difficult, time consuming process,
but essential to your site ranking well.

The most valuable links will come from people who link naturally to your site, because they like your high quality content (see step 1)

Other links can be gained from:

  • Asking other businesses you work with to link to you from their website. Usually this is called a link exchange.
  • Contacting Organizations and Associations you are a member of
  • Social Networking websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and more
  • Local business directory websites (see our Local Marketing services)
  • The creation of and distribution of videos
  • The creation of and distribution of blog posts
  • Writing blog posts and content for other websites as a guest expert.
  • Paid Press Releases
  • Submission to Link Directories

Other Services

Ranking Reports: We also provide you with access to daily search engine ranking reports to track the progress of your efforts. They also give you an indication of when a search engine algorithm change has effected your ranking. Search engines update their ranking algorithms on frequent basis in order to provide better quality results to their users and reduce spam. Occasionally legitimate websites are effected negatively by these changes. If we monitor it we have the opportunity to take action faster than if we don’t.

Analysis Reports: We can provide detail analysis your websites performance on an as needed basis.

Consultation: We would also like to speak with you at least once per month to review the results, discuss ideas for new content, and work with you to implement ways to increase website conversion.

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